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Maritime Security


Core Competencies

  • Port and Harbor Security

  • Yacht and Vessel Security

  • Training and Assessments

  • Anti and Counter Piracy

  • Interdiction and Enforcement

  • Safety and Investigations

  • Container Screening

  • Maritime Domain Awareness

  • Passenger/Crew Screening

  • Coastal Surveillance

  • Vessel tracking and management

  • Rescue and Survival

Global connectivity and reach

Our core competency. OGI draws from the best in the world; former Navy SEALs, Special Boat Teams, and equivalent unit personnel, with a minimum of 20 years of operational or equivalent commercial experience.

Special Forces Boat at Speed.jpg


  • Small boat training

  • Engine repair and maintenance

  • Advanced interdiction

  • Anti-swimmer/combat diver security

  • Boarding and movement

  • Navigation

  • Mission planning

  • Individual and crew served weapons training

  • Equipment and clothing best practices

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