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Scroll down to read about the makings of Oshirak Group International and it's CEO and President Alan Oshirak.

Our President and CEO

Oshirak Group International (OGI) was founded in 2012 by Alan Oshirak with the core competencies of maritime security, special operations, homeland security, international assistance and foreign military sales, and intelligence.  Forged through experience in over 120 countries, these relationships can translate into global partnerships and corporate alliances. With a thirty-year background as a Navy SEAL, Oshirak has a broad understanding of the United States government and many of our allies and partners abroad.  Serving as an aide both to the Commander of the U.S. Navy Atlantic Fleet and to the Commandant of the Marine Corps exposed him to the inner worlds of how our services are run.  Similarly, as Senior Defense Official, Defense and Naval Attaché to Singapore, Oshirak learned how an embassy operates, and serves as the epicenter for U. S. engagement for that country and the region. Each role put him in direct interaction with military officials, political dignitaries, heads of state, corporate leaders, and required diplomatic agility plus solid representational skills.

Oshirak’s assignment to Coast Guard Headquarters in Washington, D.C., as the liaison representing United States Special Operations Command, or USSOCOM, enhanced his maritime security portfolio. In this position he mentored the development, and subsequent deployment, of the U. S. Coast Guard’s Deployable Specialized Forces, a corollary to special operations units in the Department of Defense.  Additionally, he worked to enhance port and harbor security, expand maritime domain information sharing, and integrating interagency maritime threat response.  From its headquarters in Washington, D.C, OGI can assemble task-organized teams to connect your world with insight, access, and excellence.


Alan Oshirak

President and CEO

Oshirak Group International

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Years of Experience

Throughout his career, Alan Oshirak has assisted clients in defining their most complex obstacles and building long-lasting strategies. Take a look at Mr. Oshirak's Linkedin to learn more about his professional and educational experience, and get in touch today.

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